First Councillors’ Surgery

Most councillors hold regular surgeries in their ward to give local residents a chance to meet their local Council representatives and discuss topics of interest or concern to them.

Last Saturday was the first surgery for the new Worcester Park ward councillors since our election in May and was held in Worcester Park library. Those with a keen eye for geography will have noticed that the library is in Nonsuch ward rather than our own Worcester Park ward. This location was chosen as it is a key central location for residents in both wards and as it is also owned by Sutton Council we are able to use it without incurring extra cost for our Council Tax payers.

It was interesting to chat with one of the computer users who was from across the border in New Malden (London Borough of Kingston) but was using Worcester Park library as she felt the facilities are better in Sutton. While plugging Worcester Park library I will also mention it has a new free wifi facility available if you want to bring your own laptop or tablet.

Nobody wished to take advantage of the surgery but to be honest the beautiful weather probably tempted people to be elsewhere! Even with the great weather it was interesting to see how many people make use of the library, I’m sure residents are pleased Sutton Council has managed to keep its libraries open despite the huge financial challenges facing it.

Our ward surgeries are planned for the third Saturday of each month so if you live in Worcester Park ward why not come along for a chat?