IT in Worcester Park library

After last week’s visit to the official opening of the new Computer Surgery shop the IT teaching theme continued this week when I was asked to teach one of the sessions in the “It’s never too late to learn” IT classes at Worcester Park library.

The sessions are run at all Sutton libraries and are aimed at getting over-50’s who’ve never touched a computer (or have tried one and run away) onto the digital highway. They are short four session courses but provide the basic knowledge, and importantly, confidence to use a computer. What makes these courses even better is that they are FREE to London Borough of Sutton residents.

The courses have been running for a few years and use a mix of library staff and volunteers to deliver them. I have been helping with the Sutton Central Library classes since 2012 but a recent visit to Worcester Park library to arrange our Councillors’ Surgeries ended up with me delivering this session to cover for the absence of the usual teacher.

If you know anyone who would benefit from one of these courses please get them to book a place via Worcester Park or their nearest Sutton Library.