Strange noises in the night

I had been warned that being a councillor can at times feel like a 24 hour job but I wasn’t expecting to be ‘on the night shift’ quite so soon after being elected.
Last night I was woken from my sleep just before 03:00 by a strange noise from outside the house. At first I just lay there in my semi sleeping state trying to work out what, and where, it was while also hoping it would stop.
After a while I decided it wasn’t going to stop and I wasn’t going to get back to sleep so I got up and dressed, grabbed my phone and Sutton Council ID card and wandered out onto the streets of Worcester Park to track down the source of my disturbed sleep.
It didn’t take long to find the location of the sound but the unusual circumstances made it difficult for me to decide the best course of action. After a quick call to Sutton Council’s 24-hour number I dialled 999 and asked the police for their guidance. A short while later a police car arrived and I discussed the situation with two chirpy (for the middle of the night) officers from Sutton Police Station.
I don’t think it appropriate to give too much more detail of the situation here but suffice it to say the dual sources of the sound were quickly silenced and associated issues were dealt with. Within the hour I was able to return to my bed and the police officers were able to return to sorting out the other issues that Sutton’s residents and visitors create in the early hours of a Saturday morning.
After waking up this morning, at a more reasonable 07:45 this time, I popped out to confirm all was well before making our customary Saturday morning cup of tea.
It was a difficult situation to deal with, at a less than ideal time of day, but having the support available to me was very reassuring.