Frenetic Friday and manic Monday

It’s always nice if you can organise your workload so that Friday is not too hectic and the day gradually gets you into the right frame of mind for a relaxing weekend. Likewise a well planned Friday should enable you to ease yourself back into the working week without a huge backlog.

Unfortunately it didn’t quite work that way last weekend as a Friday morning meeting at Council offices in Carshalton required a quick start and a trip in the tail of the rush hour by 151 bus. It was however a pleasant morning and a quicker than expected bus journey gave me some time to have a walk around Carshalton.

My first meeting was arranged to enable me to provide input into deciding the priority for the numerous requests for changes to yellow lines and similar markings within Worcester Park, Nonsuch and Stoneleigh wards. These requests are typically submitted by individuals and organisations due to perceived safety and/or traffic flow issues. The council officers were very helpful guiding me through the long and diverse list of requests but it was still difficult to pick the ones that would move to the top of the list for a chance to benefit from the limited funds available.

This was followed by a meeting to discuss the responses to the recent consultation on a proposed cycle route for Worcester Park. There were responses both for and against the new route so we needed to find a solution that would allow the scheme to progress while at the same time dealing with the concerns expressed by some residents. It wasn’t easy but I believe we have come up with a flexible solution that will enable a new cycle route to be delivered within the funds available.

Finally a session to discuss things relating to my role as Chair of the Cheam North and Worcester Park Local Committee. This included discussion about the placement of the large poppies purchased from the Royal British Legion to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of World War One. Councillors had decided at the recent Local Committee meeting that we would save around £1,600 of residents money by placing the poppies ourselves, or with help from the community, rather than paying for installation and the hire of a ‘cherry picker’. I still think this was a pragmatic approach but this now leaves the task of planning where, and how, to place one hundred 15 inch poppies!

The weekend then provide a chance to catch up with some domestic items and some councillor-related reading before spending Monday dealing with emails outstanding from Friday and the weekend. Who assured me things were quieter in August?!