A return trip to the cemetery

As mentioned in an earlier post, all Sutton councillors are assigned to two of Sutton Council’s committees and are nominated as a reserve for a third to cover for absence. In addition councillors can be allocated to external bodies, and in my case I was allocated a place on the Merton and Sutton Joint Cemetery Board which is responsible for the cemetery located between the Hamptons in Worcester Park and Garth Road. The whole of the cemetery is located in the London Borough of Merton but there is joint responsibility. This cemetery is often confused with the crematorium the other side of Green Lane but this is the responsibility of a separate Board.

We started with the annual inspection which was particularly useful for new members as it provided a chance to see some of the cemetery and to ask questions.

The official meeting then followed and started with the handover of the Chair and Vice Chair roles on the committee which rotate between Merton and Sutton each year. This year it is Sutton’s turn for the Chair and I was nominated and unanimously elected.  Merton Councillor Stan Anderson was unanimously elected for the Vice Chair role.

It is challenging learning a new subject while Chairing a meeting but I was told I did fine!