Meeting local organisations

It is important that councillors understand local issues and what local people are thinking. Being a local you think you have a good knowledge of the area but to validate our beliefs and increase our understanding we have started to arrange meetings with representatives of local organisations and are attending meetings of others.
Last week my colleague Paul Wingfield attended the meeting of the Neighbourhood Watch groups covering Worcester Park and Nonsuch wards (I was at the Arts Network Sutton launch) and last night we met with the new Board of the Residents’ Management Company which from 1 July 2014 will take over control of the Hamptons estate and will also replace the Hamptons Residents Association. It was a very useful meeting covering a wide variety of subjects and gave me a much better understanding of the Hamptons and it’s specific situation and challenges within the wider Worcester Park setting.
If you are involved in a local organisation and would like to meet with one of your local councillors, or would like us to attend one of your meetings please get in touch with me via