Worcester Park Ward Panel

As the days and weeks go by since becoming a councillor I am continuing to discover new things about Worcester Park and the London Borough of Sutton and am attending new (to me) events and meetings.

This week I attended the Worcester Park Ward Panel meeting for the first time which was held at Maple Lodge in The Hamptons. The Panel has existed for many years and provides a forum at which representatives of local organisations, ward councillors and others can meet with local police and Sutton Borough Safer Neighbourhoods Team officers to discuss matters relating to security and crime in the ward and set objectives for the next period.

One of the good things about living in Worcester Park, and the London Borough of Sutton as a whole, is the relatively low levels of crime when compared to the rest of London. Having said that, there are always antisocial people in our society who are looking for opportunities to commit crime and consequently some crimes are inevitably committed.

I felt it was a very positive meeting with all parties wanting to work together to reduce, and prevent, crime using the police and Worcester Park Safer Neighbourhoods Team resources in the most effective way.