Twenty is plenty in Worcester Park ward

We are lucky that most roads in Worcester Park ward have the benefit of a 20 mph speed limit, with London Road and Cheam Common Road being the obvious exceptions. However, following comments from residents about speeding in the 20 zone, it was decided that council officers would carry out traffic surveys on roads within Worcester Park ward. This highlighted issues on some roads and lesser problems on others.

As a result, repeater ‘20’ signs have been added to lampposts and ‘20’ painted on the surface of roads to remind motorists of the speed limit. More recently work has been in progress to repair and re-profile speed humps, cushions and tables to bring them in line with current practice. To avoid disruption of the S3 bus some of this work was carried out on Sundays when the service doesn’t run.

Connected work in Green Lane to improve the crossing near the sports club was carried out as a separate project but due to the amount of work required it was necessary to divert the S3.

Our own informal survey of traffic passing the flashing 20 sign in Green Lane showed that most vehicles were still travelling too fast. Please make sure YOU drive within the 20 mph limit as this will make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists (especially our children) and will also restrict the speed of vehicles behind you! As an alternative you might also consider the healthier, pollution-free options of walking and cycling around Worcester Park.